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Customers' address and contact details are captured primarily for the purposes of fulfilling orders. You give permission to use such details to delivery your order, contact you in respect of your order, or post sales activity specifically relating to your order or products purchased. We may also use these details from time to time for marketing purposes, but you can opt out of such by emailing us requesting to be opted out. We will respect your wishes. You cannot opt-out of communication in respect of your order or any connected communication that is considered by to be in your best interests. "Best interests" specifically excludes for any purpose relating to marketing.

Data captured as part of the email update programme will be used only by for the purposes of updating registrants with information about this website, including but not limited to new information pages, news articles, stories and new services offered within the site. will never given or sell registrant data to anyone else, save for purchase or transfer of business assets by another legal entity.

Cookie Policy uses Google Analytics software to understand visitor metrics (i.e. how many people visit and where they click), which is invaluable information to keep improving the site and experience for customers. Google Analytics uses cookies but no personal data is captured. Read more about how Google Analytics and cookies here.