Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Before heading to the hills you must always check the weather forecast. No excuses!

Weather Forecast 

Weather Forecast

We all know what a weather forecast is, but don't forget that the mountains have a tendency to have weather that's different to what you may see on the BBC. Therefore, it's important to check the mountain forecast where available, and have an understanding of the consequent considerations once you know the forecast. Also, forecasts change during the day – and certainly can do overnight – so try to get an updated forecast at least twice a day.

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Consequent Considerations

Depending on the forecast, you plans for the day may change. If the forecast is for strong winds and rain, and your plan was to walk over a narrow mountain ridge, such as Crib Goch, your plans should change! You may have been planning the day for a while, have arranged a day when 'everyone' can make it, but a change route is no bad thing when poor weather is forecast. In fact, it's a sign that you know what you're doing.

There's no suggestion that you should never venture out in poor conditions, but such times should be the exception, and only when all your party understand the likely conditions are are experienced enough to deal with them.

Mountain Rescue teams have to set off in all kinds of weather, sometimes training, but often to search for people who didn't pay enough attention or heed to weather forecast, or perhaps didn't appreciate that the weather at 3,000ft could be a lot different to that at ground level.

Specific Weather Risks

The following sections look at specific risks associated with a few types of weather.