Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Stories


Stories from readers who would like to share their experiences so that others can learn. 


If you have a story you'd like to share too, please email and it can be published here.

  • Navigation Error in the Cairngorms

    Navigation Error in the Cairngorms 

    A navigation error & lost map leads to plans being changed

    Image: Braeriach from Cairn Toul 
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  • Sprained Ankle on Crib Goch

    Sprained Ankle on Crib Goch 

    Sprained Ankle on Crib Goch en route to run the
    14 Welsh 3,000 ers 
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  • The Cuillin - A Cautionary Tale

    The Cuillin - A Cautionary Tale 

    A cautionary tale from a trip to Skye. Two Wainwright and Munro Baggers embark on their first trip to Skye's Cuillin.

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  • Knee Injury on Blencathra

    Knee Injury on Blencathra 

    A story of self reliance. A walker with vertigo attempts Blencathra but comes away injured

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  • Broken Leg on Dartmoor

    Broken Leg on Dartmoor 

    Broken leg on Dartmoor - well prepared group deal with the situation

    Image courtesy of Paul Englefield 
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  • Snowdon Hypothermia & Rescue

    Snowdon Hypothermia & Rescue 

    A story of an experienced walker succumbing to hypothermia and being rescued from the slopes of Snowdon

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  • White Out in Glencoe

    White Out in Glencoe 

    White out conditions after a climb in Glencoe 
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  • Police Involvement in Mountain Rescues

    Police Involvement in Mountain Rescues 
    First hand experience of Police involvement in Mountain Rescues, from a recently retired Control Room Inspector with Cumbria Police
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  • Wet, Cold, Lost & Rescued

    Wet, Cold, Lost & Rescued 

    Walkers running short of daylight on Skye take the shortcut over the mountain ridge, but then get lost...

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  • Group Shelters

    Group Shelters 

    Steve Ellis, International Mountain Leader, talks through why he's never without a Group Shelter

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  • Why We Learned to Navigate

    Why We Learned to Navigate 

    A story about a couple who descended the wrong way off the hill... 
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  • Lost in the Mist & Rain

    Lost in the Mist & Rain 

    The walk from Stonethwaite to Grasmere became a battle with the mist and rain 
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  • Cheshire SAR Find One Of Their Own

    Cheshire SAR Find One Of Their Own 

    Cheshire Search & Rescue Team were involved in a search for one of their own team, who'd become ill 
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  • Learning Camp Admin, the hard way

    Learning Camp Admin, the hard way 

    The wind and rain conspired, leading to soggy consequences 
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  • Lakes Challenge

    Lakes Challenge 

    A challenge walk in 1994 with people more used to playing football than hill walking

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  • Torches & Batteries

    Torches & Batteries 

    Having a torch is one thing, but always make sure that the batteries have enough power.

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  • MRT rescue MRT member

    MRT rescue MRT member 

    MRT member needs to be rescued himself

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  • Walking Poles to the Rescue

    Walking Poles to the Rescue 

    Moel Siabod descent and a minor knee injury

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  • Busy Cairngorms Day

    Busy Cairngorms Day 

    A busy day for the winchman of RAF Lossimouth's Search & Rescue Flight

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  • Little & Mickle Fells Aborted

    Little & Mickle Fells Aborted 

    An epic story with many lessons learnt. Kindly contributed 
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