Broken Leg on Dartmoor

Broken Leg on Dartmoor

Broken leg on Dartmoor - well prepared group deal with the situation

Image courtesy of Paul Englefield
Broken Leg on Dartmoor 

Broken Leg on Dartmoor

Story by Two Blondes Walking

March 2009 – Dartmoor

I had been walking for just over three hours with a group of Ten Tors trainees. We had walked out from Shipley Bridge, past the Avon Dam and up onto open moorland that morning and were about four kilometres away from the road.

I was walking with a great group of lads and another adult, we had already covered some very wet, uneven ground and the going had just got a bit easier, or so I thought ... I put my left foot into a deep, peaty hole, lost my balance and fell over sideways. As I fell, the hole didn't relinquish my foot quickly enough and I felt my leg break just above the ankle. My trusty walking boots had done their job and protected my ankle but something pretty bad had clearly happened. On the ground, I looked at my leg and my left foot was pointing in a very strange direction. As I sat myself up, I felt the bones move around leaving my foot looking a bit more normal but feeling pretty horrid.

My team acted swiftly, supporting me and my leg with rucksacks and assessing the situation. It was clear that we were going to need help. Another team (including Blonde One), walking just in front of us, were called back and the training that we have all had was put into action. After assessing my injury and working out an exact grid reference, two teachers set off to higher ground to call for help (there was no mobile signal where we were). Blonde One and the youngsters looked after me very well organising a tent to shelter me, a mat to sit on and a sleeping bag to keep me warm.

The Devon Air Ambulance was called out to rescue me and I was very relieved to see them. My leg had to be manipulated before I was put into the helicopter and, thanks to the morphine, I don't remember much else apart from the fact that the youngsters helped to carry my stretcher.

Things I have learnt


Things in the outdoors can go wrong. This is a great example of how to deal with it.

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