Slip Causes Fractured Leg

Slip Causes Fractured Leg

13/12/12 Slip on ice causes fractured leg

Slip Causes Fractured Leg 

Slip on Ice Cases Fracture

A woman slipped while descending, fracturing her lower leg in the process. She was treated with a splint and pain relief by team members, then evacuated over frozen ground.

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Sounds like the ground was frozen, which contributed to the slip. Wearing crampons doesn't turn you into an ice climbing ninja, but it could make the difference between slipping and staying on your feet and subsequent injury. If there is the likelihood of snow or ice; take crampons. If you don't have crampons, buy some or change your route. If the ground if steep and icy, a fall could be catastrophic




Logo and incident used with permission of Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team