Planning Your Route

Planning Your Route

Planning your route in detail will allow you to know whether your idea is possible, given group and other factors

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  • Planning your Route

    Planning your Route 

    Questions and actions for planning a route appropriate to the group, weather and other factors to be considered.

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  • High Level Planning

    High Level Planning 

    Estimating the time taken to cover a certain distance is one of the basics of route planning navigation

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  • Appropriate Route

    Appropriate Route 

    At the top of the list for deciding your route is to match the demands of the route with experience, ability, skill and kit

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  • Detailed Route Planning

    Detailed Route Planning 
    Planning your route in more detail will allow you to keep track of progress during the day

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  • Escape & Alternative Routes

    Escape & Alternative Routes 

    Escape routes are pre-planned descents from higher levels, should you need to retreat

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  • Route Cards

    Route Cards 

    Having split your route into sections, now write it down on a route card, together with other planning and emergency contact information

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  • Tell Someone Your Route

    Tell Someone Your Route 

    Tell someone where you're going and when you're due back

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