Decisions are needed throughout the day. Gather information and make good ones



To have a good day on the hill means that you need to make some good decisions.  Decisions start before you get to your destination for the day, as you have to decide where to go, your route there, your route on the hill, what time to leave, who you’ll go with, what kit you’ll take etc. Once walking, you make subconscious decisions about where to put your feet, down to the more complex ones such as navigating in the mist.


The ability to make good decisions is helped by wide experience, but not just experience in the hills. However, there are certain physiological factors that can affect your ability to think properly and make decisions.


Factors Affecting Decision Making

  • Are you fit and well and not suffering from a cold, for example

  • Did you get a good night’s sleep?

  • Have you driven a long way before your walk?

  • Have you eaten enough?

  • Are you too warm, or too cold?

The last two are ones that your actions on the hill can influence, and are the factors that can most affect your decision making ability. The good news is that your preparation can limit the negative impacts, leading to good decisions on the hill and a great day out.


Your ability to make good decisions will fall if you're cold and exhausted, and these are key ingredients for becoming hypothermic. One of early stage symptoms of hypothermia is mental confusion.