Come Home Safe

Come Home Safe

Returning back home or your base for the night has to be the ultimate aim of any venture into the hills. Don't forget it.

Come Home Safe 

Come Home Safe

No one goes into the mountains with the intention of suffering a misfortune that means that they don't make it home. However, Mountain Rescue Teams in the UK are busier than ever these days, so it's clear that some people venturing into the hills have had something go wrong. Do everything you can so that you don't become a statistic or feature in news headlines.


Make sure you have the appropriate skills to complete your intended route.

Summit Fever

You want to get to the top of the hill, after all, that's why you started walking. However, if conditions get close to or beyond your safe ability, consider turning round and heading down to safety. The mountain will be there tomorrow; make sure you are.

Hope for the Best - Plan for the Worst

Being self sufficient and reliant is the maxim to follow when in the hills, and whilst help may be just a phone call away it should never be your first port of call. But, if the shit hits the fan and you, or a member of your group suffer a misfortune, make it easier for the emergency services to find and rescue you by doing some advance planning before you leave the house. Make sure you have an Emergency Point of Contact (EPOC) and they know what they're doing.

Drive Home

After a long day in the hills, a long drive home can cause tiredness. If you can, stay over the night before or evening after the walk, and if you can't, be aware of driver fatigue, take regular stops and follow the advice given by various organisations, including ROSPA