Mountain Safety

Mountain Safety

Start here: safety in the hills and mountains of the UK for hill walkers

Mountain Safety 

Mountain Safety

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Background to the Site

News items on UK mountain incidents have been all too common in recent times, with many of those articles being sensationalist and sometimes broaching whether access to the UK's hill and mountains should somehow be restricted. Accidents in the outdoors happen, and that's a fact that we all have to get used to. Sensible precautions and experience can reduce the chance of some accidents, but being on a hill is clearly more dangerous than sitting in your lounge watching East Enders .

The purpose of this site is to pass on information for people so that they can turn that information into their 'hill experience'. If such information can prevent a incident, or just make someone's enjoyment of the hill better for the advice given here, then that's good and mission accomplished.

I’ve been hill walking and climbing for about 30 years and gathered lots of experience along the way. I cut my teeth as a teenager in scouts on the Bowland Fells of North Lancashire, progressing to The Lakes, Wales and The Highlands. Much of the information on the site is from personal experience, or a meld of what I've read over the years in various mountain and navigation text books.

Aside from my own experience, there are stories contributed from other outdoor folk with something of interest to share. Click here for the stories section. If you have a story of hill-woe to share, so that others can learn from it, please email using the details in the about us page. There are also links to various external websites, which often provide further detail, or all details where appropriate. If you'd like a link adding, get in contact.

Some people will have a different take on my views and experience, and feedback is welcomed. I'm happy to add information to acknowledge differing views etc, or correct information should the need arise.

Use this site from which to gain theoretical experience; as a useful source of links to other web sites (information, training courses, guides etc) and practice the advice when and out on the hill. 

Learn to make good and safe decisions, as your life could depend on it. Above all, enjoy the day and get home safe.