Neck Pouch / Mobile Phone case

Neck Pouch / Mobile Phone case

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Neck Pouch / Mobile Phone case 
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Neck Pouch / Mobile Phone case

Soft Feel Neck Pouch by Trekmates

When you're out walking you'll need to keep your mobile phone dry, and this product can be used as an inexpensive water resistant pouch for your mobile. The zipped pocket of your expensive waterproof jacket allow in water, so there's no place for your phone in there, as many have found out to their peril.

Once your phone is inside you can still use any touch screen functionality through the case, meaning that your phone can stay inside for the day. You can even make calls with the phone being inside the case, with difference in call quality un-noticeable. In reality you don't make calls from the hill unless there's an emergency, and in an emergency you don't want a soggy mobile!

The case weighs only 33g, measures 18cm x 12cm x 1 cm (at the closure end) and has been tried with a few mobile phone for size fit, including:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy s3
  • Samsung Galaxy s4
  • Nexus 5 
  • Nokia 620
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (fits with a bit of a squeeze)

Getting the phone in and out of the case can be a small challenge for the first few times, as the rubberised material sticks to itself and the phone's smooth surface. Opening out with fingers before inserting the phone can make life easier.

The process of sealing is robust, as follows:

  • press together the self-seal fastener (like you get on freezer bags), making a reassuring audible clicking
  • double fold back the roll-down rubberised opening so that it forms a seal on itself - twice
  • press down the double velcro fasteners, which keep the other two seals in place

When sealed properly the pouch will be water resistant and keep your phone dry whilst in your rucksack or pocket. Exposing even the sealed pouch to a deluge of water, such as dropping in a stream, is likely to lead to ingress of some water as Trekmates don't badge the pouch as being waterproof, only water resistant.

Just remember, your waterproof jacket pocket will let in water and is no place for your unprotected mobile phone!

Aside from storing your mobile, this pouch can be used to store important documents, such as passports and money when abroad.


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