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Soft Feel Map Case

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Soft Feel Map Case 
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Soft Feel Map Case

Soft Feel Map Case from Trekmates

When you're out on the hill it's essential to have your map enclosed in a case. (And it goes without saying that you should have a map, always!) There are two main reason for this; your map will stay dry, and if it's fastened to you or your rucksack, it won't blow away. There are many tales of mountain rescue teams being called out because of blown away maps or maps turning to pulp after rain and people then cannot find their way off the mountain. Don't let that happen to you!

Read more about map cases in the advice & info section of this site.

This product is a map case from Trekmates. It's soft to touch, and Trekmates in fact call it a 'soft feel' map case. It will nicely hold a folded back Ordnance Survey map, and measures about 30cm x 30cm, with map viewing area safely 28 x 28cm. Ideal for a 1:50,000 map and 1:25,000 if you're not on a monster long day. The case is double sided, in that you can with a cleverly folded map, use both sides of the map on a day's walk . It weighs in at 100g.

Trekmates state that the case is water resistant, but at we suspect that they may be being a bit coy about that description.

The fabric is rubberised, hence the soft feel, and to close the case you are required to fold back the rubberised material back on itself twice, then sealing by closing the velcro fastener together. The velcro fastener almost the full width of the case, being only 2cm short of the edge at each side, so it's a pretty robust fastener.

The decision about whether they are waterproof is one for you. Buy one now, and if don't like it when it arrives, just post it back to us for a full refund. We're confident that you'll like it.

The case also benefits from:

  • a nifty means to reduce the size of the case when in use, and this is achieved by three velco pads on the folded back opening area and on the opposite side of the case. (Hard to describe in words - see picture.)
  • a strap, which should be afixed to you or your rucksack. The strap is firmly secured to the map case in two places.

Aside from being a map case, some people use these to store useful items in the top pocket of a rucksack, with the benefit of using one of these cases being that the contents are visible, unlike using a dry bag etc.

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