SPOT Gen 3 GPS Satellite Messenger

SPOT Gen 3 GPS Satellite Messenger

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SPOT Gen 3 GPS Satellite Messenger 
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SPOT Gen 3 GPS Satellite Messenger

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SPOT Gen 3 - Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger products allow you to communicate from remote locations that have no mobile phone coverage, allowing you to send messages to let loved ones know you are ok, or in the case of an life threatening situation, alert authorities of an emergency situation and your GPS co-ordinates, allowing help to be summoned to your exact position. 

Next Generation

Evolution rather than revolution. SPOT Gen 3 is an evolution of the SPOT 2 device, with the key features of the Gen 3 being:
  • Custom tracking (2 ½, 5, 10, 30,60 minute tracking intervals)
  • Continuous tracking without having to re-start every 24 hours
  • Motion-activated tracking - thus reducing battery consumption
  • Improved battery performance, approximately twice as long as SPOT 2


The SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger has four types of message, all of which have to be set up via the SPOT website prior to leaving for your adventure. The message types are as follows:

  • ok/check in - an "ok" message is sent to up-to 10 contacts. Use to send at agree intervals to let people know that all is going to plan
  • custom message - this is a secondary "ok" message and can be programmed with whatever text you like
  • help message - this message is sent to your contact list and is to be used for non-emergency assistance, for example, to a support team
  • SOS - use this function in the event of a life threatening or other critical emergency (see when to call for help) to notify emergency services of your GPS location and that you need assistance. The SOS button is protected to prevent accidental activation (see image)

With some planning you could set up the custom message to confirm use of an escape or alternative route that you identified when planning the route. 

Live Tracking

The SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger can be set to tracking mode, in which it will transmit the current GPS co-ordinates to the Globalstar satellite network at intervals you decide, being 2 ½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals. Tracking information is then relayed to the SPOT servers & website from which people (those you allow) can see your live progress on Google Maps, but better still is the tight integration that SPOT devices have with the Social Hiking website, which can display your position and previously tracked points on an online Ordnance Survey map. It's great fun for those back home to watch your progress throughout the day, or even across a multi-day adventure.

No Mobile Signal; No Problem!

SPOT devices don't require mobile phone signals as they communicate with Globalstar's commercial satellite phone constellation of Earth orbiting satellites, which receives messages from your device and re-transmits back to a satellite monitoring station and onwards to your chosen recipient, or emergency authorities. Messages are sent to the recipients by email or text message, and your exact location co-ordinates is included within the message as the units also have an inbuilt GPS receiver.

The message sent could be a quick "I'm ok" message, thus giving reassurance to loved ones back home should you be delayed on the hill etc. In an emergency situation you can initiate an emergency activation - meaning that you are in serious trouble and need to be rescued (see when to call for help). Upon transmission of an emergency activation, a notification is routed via Globalstar's mission control centre in the USA to the UK's Aeronautical Resource Co-ordination Centre (ARCC) at Kinloss Barracks in the Scottish Highlands. The information sent to ARCC will include your personal details and information from the profile that you create and maintain when your register your SPOT product. ARCC will assess the activation and mobilise appropriate Search & Rescue resources, who will know your exact location as GPS co-ordinates are also transmitted with the emergency activation.

Satellite messenger devices are a massive step forward for personal safety when out in the wilds and out of range of mobile phone coverage, especially for those who walk alone in remote places. 


Similar to mobile phones, you have to have a subscription for your SPOT product to function. The basic & tracking package equates to approx €10.50 per month, but paid annually (€139 pa). To track greater than 10 minute intervals requires a subscription upgrade, currently €39 pa, and to track at 2 ½ minute intervals requires an additional subscription of €99 pa.

The price of the unit does not include an airtime subscription. Current subscription prices are shown here and is available for purchase from the SPOT website when you activate your device.


You must select postage option specific for SPOT products at the checkout for this item.


8.7 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.5 cm
3.43" x 2.56" x 1"
114g (4 oz) - including batteries
Operating temperatures
-30°C to +60°C
(-22°F to +140°F)
-328 ft to 21
320 ft
(-100 m to +6500 m)
IPX7 rated
up to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
GPS accuracy
21 ft (6.4 m) location accuracy
Type: 4 AAA Energizer™
Lithium Ultimate 8X
  • 521 Oct 2014 11:09Fab piece of kit, worth it's weight in gold, especially for a lone walker like myself, providing peace in mind for family/friends. Spot 3 is easy to set up & batteries last so much longer than prev version.
  • 505 Apr 2014 22:27In summary: SPOT GEN3 device - excellent MountainSafety service - excellent Price - very competitive I'd been looking at buying a SPOT device for a while, with the articles on this website as well as a couple of YouTube videos convincing me of their value - although there wasn't much doubt anyway. I've linked mine to the @SocialHiking website and it didn't take very long to get it up and running. I sent an enquiry to this website about the device's availability and received an email as soon as they came in stock. Delivery was excellent (less than 24 hours) from order to receipt. The major reason for me buying the SPOT was to reassure my better half when I go out on the hill. I went for a quick test walk and rang her to get her to search for my live track which she found easily. She was impressed and now I know that she won't worry (as much!) in the future. The likelihood of using the SOS feature is slim but for piece of mind of friends and family, the SPOT is well worth the money. Although some will feel that such devices impinge on the "get away from it all" nature of our adventuring, the SPOT is a switch-on-and-forget GPS unit which may save your life in remote (no mobile phone signal) areas, at which point it becomes worth its weight in gold. Not to mention the value of reassurance of those left behind at home!
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