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New stories from the outdoors. Some stories will link back to advice & info from this site.

  • Two Climbers spend night on Tryfan

    Two Climbers spend night on Tryfan 

    09/01/17 Two climbers spend night on Tryfan  
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  • Couple Survive Night in Cairngorms

    Couple Survive Night in Cairngorms 

    03/01/17 A couple from Leicestershire survive a night in snow in the Cairngorms  
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  • Lake District Rescue: Gadgets & Gizmos before Mountain Safety?

    Lake District Rescue: Gadgets & Gizmos before Mountain Safety? 

    Man rescued from Scafell Pike area in 100mph winds & torrential rain after SPOT activation

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  • Keep dogs under control

    Keep dogs under control 

    Where there is livestock around, keep your dog on a lead at all times

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  • Family Rescued from Kinder Scout

    Family Rescued from Kinder Scout 
    21/04/14 Family of 4 became lost and four five mountain rescue teams involved in search 
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  • Hypothermic Jeans & Trainers Man Rescued from Snowdon

    Hypothermic Jeans & Trainers Man Rescued from Snowdon  
    26/01/14 A man wearing jeans and trainers has been rescued from Snowdon

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  • Police Appeal for Info re Lost Walker in Ben Alder Area

    Police Appeal for Info re Lost Walker in Ben Alder Area 
    12/01/14 Body found in seach for missing hill walker walking in Ben Alder area 
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  • Changes to rights of way legislation

    Changes to rights of way legislation 
    03/01/14 Changes to rights of way legislation will benefit walkers and landowners
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  • Night Time Search for Missing Walker

    Night Time Search for Missing Walker 
    29/12/13 Night time search for missing walker who left no route plan 
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  • Swirral Edge Fallen Couple Rescued

    Swirral Edge Fallen Couple Rescued 
    29/12/13 Couple fall from Swirral Edge and rescued by Patterdale MRT & RAF SAR 
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  • Lost Walker had only Photo of Map

    Lost Walker had only Photo of Map 
    28/12/13 Walker lost between Langdale & Grasmere had a photo of a map on his phone 
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  • Boxing Day Rescue from Old Man of Coniston

    Boxing Day Rescue from Old Man of Coniston 
    26/12/13 Six walkers rescued from Coniston Old Man on Boxing Day 
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  • Couple Rescued from Tryfan

    Couple Rescued from Tryfan 

    22/12/13 A Couple have been rescued from Snowdonia's Tryfan North Face  
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  • Broken Ankle & no mobile signal

    Broken Ankle & no mobile signal 
    21/12/13 Broken ankle on Lakeland Fell & no mobile phone signal leads to overnight on hill & long wait for rescue 
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  • 5 Rescued from Cheviots

    5 Rescued from Cheviots 
    22/10/13 Five walkers rescued by RAF after becoming hypothermic and having no torches 
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  • RAF Leuchars MRT to Disband

    RAF Leuchars MRT to Disband 

    12/07/13 RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team to disband 
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  • Scafell Pike Litter Pick

    Scafell Pike Litter Pick 

    24/06/13 Scafell Pike litter pick 
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  • Rescue - Lost on Caudale Moor

    Rescue - Lost on Caudale Moor 

    15/06/13 Two people lost on Lake District's Caudale More rescued 
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  • 9 Rescued from Crib Goch

    9 Rescued from Crib Goch 

    13/06/13 9 Rescued from Grib Goch 
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  • Hypothermia at Snowdon Summit

    Hypothermia at Snowdon Summit 

    27/05/13 Man suffering from Hypothermia rescued from summit of Snowdon

    Image courtesy of Mike Bean 
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  • New SPOT Global Phone

    New SPOT Global Phone 

    22/05/13 SPOT Unveil Global Phone, aimed at the outdoor market 
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  • Leg Injury and No Map

    Leg Injury and No Map 

    14/05/13 A man slips on wet grass and sustains a leg injury... 
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  • Keeping Dogs Under Control

    Keeping Dogs Under Control 

    26/04/13 A plea has been sent out to keep dogs under control 
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  • Six Rescued Suffering Hypothermia

    Six Rescued Suffering Hypothermia 

    15/05/13 Six rescued from Cumbrian Fells suffering from Hypothermia  
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  • Lyme Disease Ignorance

    Lyme Disease Ignorance 

    12/05/13 Lyme Disease Ignorance is 'costing lives'  
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  • Hypothermia at Red Tarn Langdale

    Hypothermia at Red Tarn Langdale 

    09/05/13 17 year old succumbs to hypothermia at Red Tarn, Langdale  
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  • UK Mountaineering: Avalanche Messages

    UK Mountaineering: Avalanche Messages 

    01/05/13 UK mountaineering groups working on avalanche messages

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  • Reverse Polarity Risk to Climbers

    Reverse Polarity Risk to Climbers 

    11/04/13 Reverse Polarity Risk to Climbers 
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  • Walkers Rescued in Brecon Beacons

    Walkers Rescued in Brecon Beacons 

    17/03/13 Two walkers rescued from Brecon Beacons in blizzard conditions 
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  • Climbers Rescued from Ben Nevis

    Climbers Rescued from Ben Nevis 

    17/03/13 Three climbers rescued from Ben Nevis 
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  • Falling Climber Videos Himself

    Falling Climber Videos Himself 

    10/03/2013 Climber captures himself on video as he falls from Snowdon 
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  • Walkers head shouts for help

    Walkers head shouts for help 

    28/02/13 Walkers hear shouts for help from others stranded on high steep snow/ice 
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  • Boy 10 Falls from Swirral Edge

    Boy 10 Falls from Swirral Edge 

    18/02/13 Boy 10 Falls from Swirral edge  
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  • Poor Call Quality Walker Rescued

    Poor Call Quality Walker Rescued 

    18/02/13 Poor call quality but walker gets emergency message across and is rescued 
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  • Woman Survives 100ft Fall

    Woman Survives 100ft Fall 

    A woman survives 100ft fall from Snowdon's Pyg Track  
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  • US Paratroopers Aid Fallen Climber

    US Paratroopers Aid Fallen Climber 

    22/01/13 US Paratrooper Medics assisted with rescue of fallen climber 
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  • A Year of Fundraising

    A Year of Fundraising 

    08/01/13 A year of fundraising begins for Kyleigh

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  • Slip Causes Fractured Leg

    Slip Causes Fractured Leg 

    13/12/12 Slip on ice causes fractured leg

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  • Walker Dies on Scafell

    Walker Dies on Scafell 

    12/12/12 Walker falls 600ft from Scafell and sustains fatal injuries
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  • Overnight in the Hills

    Overnight in the Hills 

    22/11/12 A man spent night on the fells & alarm not raised until following morning 
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  • Walker Dies on Ben Nevis

    Walker Dies on Ben Nevis 

    24/09/12 Walker dies on Ben Nevis

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  • Man Slips from Swirral Edge

    Man Slips from Swirral Edge 

    10/11/12 Walker slips from Helvellyn's Swirral Edge 
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  • Twice in Two Days

    Twice in Two Days 

    02/09/12 One group of walkers is rescued twice in two days. Irresponsibility to the extreme.

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  • Smartphone Advice from the BMC

    Smartphone Advice from the BMC 

    29/08/12 Advice from the BMC regarding Smartphones in the mountains 
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  • Rescued: Reliance on Smartphone Apps

    Rescued: Reliance on Smartphone Apps 

    14/08/12 16 Walkers were rescued from the Caigngorms as they relied only on a smartphone navigation app 
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  • Smelly Scafell Pike

    Smelly Scafell Pike 

    12/07/12 Scafell Pike is becoming a bit smelly! 
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  • Walker Dies after Cornice Collapse

    Walker Dies after Cornice Collapse 

    18/12/11 Walker dies after cornice collapses 
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  • Ben Nevis Hypothermia Man Dies

    Ben Nevis Hypothermia Man Dies 

    Warning to Walkers after Ben Nevis Death

    Image courtesy of Dave Conner 
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  • Smartphones Blamed for Rescue Increase

    Smartphones Blamed for Rescue Increase 

    07/04/11 Daily Mail article about increase in rescues to to reliance on Smartphones 
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