Couple Rescued from Tryfan

Couple Rescued from Tryfan

22/12/13 A Couple have been rescued from Snowdonia's Tryfan North Face
Couple Rescued from Tryfan 

Rescued from Tryfan

A couple from London have been rescued Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue (OVMRO) after becoming stuck on Snowdonia's Tryfan mountain. They had been under the impression that their walk was an easy one.

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Comment from MountainSafety

I'm sure that the rescued couple have seen the error of their ways and learnt a valuable lesson from the experience! At the top of the list of considerations for us all is understand whether the route idea is within the limits of those doing the walk, or whether it's pushing a little too far. Clearly, on this occasion, Tryfan for this couple was a step too far. Their kit was negligible, having no rucksack, but luckily they did have a smartphone, which is how OVMRO located them, using the SARLOC system.

Tryfan's North Face is a grade 1 scramble, meaning it's in between being a walk and a rock climb. For experienced walkers the walk is a delight, but for newbies and those scared of heights, it can be terrifying.

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