Lost Walker had only Photo of Map

Lost Walker had only Photo of Map

28/12/13 Walker lost between Langdale & Grasmere had a photo of a map on his phone
Lost Walker had only Photo of Map 

Lost Walker between Langdale & Ambleside has Only Photo of a Map

Walker gets lost, phones for help and has only a photo of a map on phone with him.

Link to incident on Langdale Ambleside MRT's website

Comment from MountainSafety

Trying to stay constructive about this one... Alway, always, always carry a map & know how to use it. And always, no mater what time of year, carry a torch.

Other essential kit here.

And thinking about this one, I've heard of this type of thing before when visiting the tourist info in Grantown on Spey, where the assistant told me that she'd seen people taking photos of maps & pages from guidebooks on phones rather than buying them. (Incidentally, that assistant contributed a story, about being a little lost in the Cairngorms, which you can read here.)

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