Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Terminology


The sections here give short descriptions of further navigation terminology

  • Map & Land Features

    Map & Land Features 

    Learning to identify map features and be able to spot them on the ground is a key map reading skill to learn

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  • Feature Tick Lists

    Feature Tick Lists 

    Identifying and ticking of map and land features as you walk will help you know where you've been and identify where you are

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  • Line/Linear Feature

    Line/Linear Feature 

    Line features are great navigational aids

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  • Handrails


    Handrails help you to navigate, especially in poor visibility.

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  • Attack Points

    Attack Points 

    Attack points give you an identifiable stepping stone before reaching your target

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  • Target


    The target is the place you are aiming for

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  • Catching Features

    Catching Features 

    Catching (or gathering or collecting) features are things that you should not see if you're on course

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