Starting to Re-locate

Starting to Re-locate

Re-location is what you do when you are temporarily mis-located. First point; don't panic.

Starting to Re-locate

When you’re temporarily mis-located, you’ll need to use some navigational techniques to find where you are – to relocate yourself. You can make your potential for relocation easier by having followed the advice given in the Feature Tick List section, as you’ll have a much smaller area in which to pin-point your position.

Don’t Panic

Above all else, don’t panic, as you need to remain capable of making rational decisions. If can be off-putting if you’re in cloud or hill fog and you can see very little. Take a deep breath and try to remain calm.

If the weather’s poor, get yourself some shelter (in a storm shelter if you have one) so that you can concentrate and take stock. Maybe it’s because of a decline in your physical and mental wellbeing that you are temporarily mis-located in the first place. So, on the basis you’re going to stop for a few minutes to find where you are, you should also perhaps use the opportunity to take on some food and drink. Are you warm enough? Recognise that one of the signs of hypothermia is mental confusion. Is being mis-located the first concern at this time?


Are you in a location that has associated dangers present? A steep slope or near vertical drop being the key ones. Is visibility so bad – perhaps snowing and proper white-out conditions – that it’s impossible to see where your feet are stepping? Be mindful of potential dangers and be prepared to stay put if movement could cause a danger to you or your group.

Please read on, but also see the additional safety section later in this section.