Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Lost & Found

Lost & Found

If you're not quite sure of your location, you need to relocate yourself

  • Temporary Mis-location

    Temporary Mis-location 

    You're not lost, you're temporarily mis-located. There is a difference!

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  • Starting to Re-locate

    Starting to Re-locate 

    Re-location is what you do when you are temporarily mis-located. First point; don't panic.

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  • Gather Information

    Gather Information 

    Having recognised that you don't quite know where you are, you need to gather information

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  • To the Map

    To the Map 

    Now that you've gathered some information, you can start to try to use that information to locate yourself on the map

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  • Searches


    A more structured approach to searching for land features may be required if you cannot initially re-locate yourself

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  • Additional Safety & Calling for Help

    Additional Safety & Calling for Help 

    There may come the time when you need to recognise that the situation has degraded too far

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