Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Maps


An essential item of kit for the hills. Which one do you take and what do the symbols mean?

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  • What is a map?

    What is a map? 

    It sounds a bit obvious, but what exactly is a map...

    (Image courtesy of Ordnance Survey - Crown Copyright)

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  • Map Scales

    Map Scales 

    Maps are drawn to scale, but what exactly does that mean?

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  • Symbols & Features

    Symbols & Features 

    Maps are rich in information, but you need to understand the symbols and features if you're to make sense of it all

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  • Contour Lines

    Contour Lines 
    Contour lines allow you to visualise from a map the slope and undulation of the ground

    (©Crown copyright and database rights Ordnance Survey licence number 100054073 2013)

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  • Rights of Way, Paths and Boundaries

    Rights of Way, Paths and Boundaries 

    Rights of way, paths, and administrative boundaries - how they are shown on a map

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  • Field Boundaries

    Field Boundaries 

    A key difference between 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey maps, is field boundaries

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