Mountain & Hill Walking Safety GPS


Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) enable your land based co-ordinates to be calculated by communication between a GPS receiver and orbiting satellites. Your position can be calculated anywhere on the planet to an accuracy of a few metres.

Image courtesy of NASA. Wikimedia Commons.

  • GPS Background

    GPS Background 

    Background information on the GPS system and terminology

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  • GPS Units

    GPS Units 

    GPS and use in the hills and mountains

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  • How The GPS System Works

    How The GPS System Works 

    Some background about how the GPS system works, and make it work for you

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  • GPS Tips

    GPS Tips 

    Tips on how to make the safest use of your GPS receiver

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  • Mobile Phone GPS Apps

    Mobile Phone GPS Apps 

    Apps are now available for your smartphone that can locate you on a map. They are not all the same, and have severe limitations!

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  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking 

    Aside from showing the co-ordinates of your position, GPS units can track your movements.

    This is a guest article submitted by Martin (@InSearchOfCloud on Twitter)

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