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Compasses & North

Using a compass in the outdoors is all about measuring magnetic north and relating it to a map, and vice versa. Before going into the technical detail, there are some topics on theory to read first. 

Compass navigational techniques section is here

  • North


    There is only one north, right? Wrong...

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  • Compass Background

    Compass Background 

    Background information about compasses

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  • How Compasses Work

    How Compasses Work 

    Compasses have to be balanced for the area in which they're used.

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  • Magnetic Variation & Declination

    Magnetic Variation & Declination 

    A short theoretical section on the subject of magnetic variation before the more practical applications within the next section.

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  • Compass Features

    Compass Features 

    Know your way around your compass, and what to look for when buying one

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  • Magnetic Interference

    Magnetic Interference 

    Natural anomalies, things you carry and the surroundings can affect the reading of your compass

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  • Holding Compass Correctly

    Holding Compass Correctly 

    Before any more complicated compass techniques introduced, you need to hold it correctly

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  • Compass FAQs

    Compass FAQs 

    Some Compass and North related FAQs

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