Catching Features

Catching Features

Catching (or gathering or collecting) features are things that you should not see if you're on course

Catching (Gathering or Collecting) Features

A catching (gathering or collecting) feature is something that you can use to know whether you’ve actually missed, or overshot your intended target. You should try to identify these as part of your planning, and using them will become second nature. Some examples:

  • Whilst heading for the top of the hill in poor visibility, you start to descend. Examining the map you can see that the only descent is after the summit.

  • If I get to a wall on the right, then I’ve gone too far

  • Take path to the left just after the summit. If the ridge narrows, I’ve gone too far 

  • The path forks, and it would be easy to miss the actual junction in poor visibility. The bearing of the intended route is 95°, but the wrong path turns more, and ends up at about 270°. Compass check after a few minutes walking to confirm direction.