An essential stage for the hill walker before stepping foot onto a hill, mountain or any upland area, is to understand the weather forecast for the day, so that you can plan accordingly and change plans where necessary. A weather forecast is essential – and you should plan for weather that is a little worse than forecast.

  • Weather Overview

    Weather Overview 

    An overview of mountain weather from the Met Office

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  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast 

    Before heading to the hills you must always check the weather forecast. No excuses!

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  • Rain


    Rain is inevitable at some point. Do you know it's coming and are you all prepared for it?

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  • Temperature


    What is the temperature forecast for the day and how will it affect kit and route planning

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  • Wind


    Winds on the mountains are stronger than at ground level

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  • Wind Chill

    Wind Chill 

    When the wind blows the air temperature feels lower on exposed skin

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  • Low Cloud

    Low Cloud 

    Low cloud is a common feature of mountain weather

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  • Snow & Hail

    Snow & Hail 

    Snow & hail and associated hazards

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  • Lightning


    For hill walkers the dangers of lightning are obvious, but what action do you take on a hillside?

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