Hypothermia in the Hills

Hypothermia in the Hills

Mountain hypothermia is a term that many hill walkers will recognise, but many don’t really know much about it, and it is arguably the thing that everyone should know about before stepping foot in the hills. It could kill you if left unrecognised and untreated. Essential for your safety.

  • Hypothermia Quick Reference

    Hypothermia Quick Reference 

    Hypothermia is caused by getting cold and staying cold. It could kill you

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  • Symptoms at a Glance

    Symptoms at a Glance 

    Quick summary of the symptoms of Hypothermia in a hill & mountain context

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  • Understanding Hypothermia

    Understanding Hypothermia 

    Background to Hypothermia and what the body is trying to achieve

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  • Avoiding Hypothermia

    Avoiding Hypothermia 

    Some practical steps to avoid getting hypothermia in the first place

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  • Symptoms in Detail

    Symptoms in Detail 

    A more in depth look at the reasons for the symptoms of hypothermia

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  • Treating Hypothermia

    Treating Hypothermia 

    How to treat Hypothermia on the hill

    Image courtesy of Nigel Laughton

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  • Alcohol, Caffeine & Hypothermia

    Alcohol, Caffeine & Hypothermia 

    Hypothermia and alcohol do not mix, but do you know why?

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