Hypothermia Quick Reference

Hypothermia Quick Reference

Hypothermia is caused by getting cold and staying cold. It could kill you

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Hypothermia Quick Reference 

What is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia is a condition whereby the body’s Core temperature drops to 35°C or below.  As the Core cools, the body will make efforts to preserve heat and ensure that the vital organs continue to function, and in doing so a host of symptoms will be exhibited.  The condition can come on quickly, or over time, but it needs to be recognised and treated quickly so that it does not progress from someone feeling a bit cold, to a medical emergency.


The causes

  • Cold and wet conditions combined with poor clothing

  • Physical exertion

  • Insufficient calorie intake for the exercise, leading to exhaustion 

Alcohol intake quickens heat loss. 

If left unrecognised and untreated, hypothermia can kill.  

Planning and preparation can minimise the exposure to risks associated with hypothermia 

Wet is the enemy of warm!

Treatment on the Hill - Quick Reference

  • remove casualty from the environment (stick them in a storm shelter)

  • remove wet clothing and replace with dry & warm clothes (and into an emergency jacket if you have one)

  • give high calorie food

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