Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Weather Forecasts

Weather Forecasts

Obtaining a weather forecast before you head for the hills is a basic but essential job. Make sure you know what you're letting yourself and party in for.

Weather in Advice & Info
  • Mountain Forecast

    Mountain Forecast 

    Great site that gives forecasts for specific mountains in the UK and worldwide 
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  • BBC Weather

    BBC Weather 

    Weather from the BBC, including the latest recorded forecast 
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  • Mountain Weather Information Service

    Mountain Weather Information Service 

    Weather service for mountains areas 
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  • Scottish Avalanche Information Service

    Scottish Avalanche Information Service 

    Scottish Avalanche Information Service

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  • Met Office

    Met Office 

    Weather forecasts from the Met Office, including for specific mountain areas 
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  • Metcheck


    Amazingly accurate location based weather forecast, but not specifically focussed on mountain areas 
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  • Lake District Weather Line

    Lake District Weather Line 

    Weather information specifically for the Lake District 
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