Winter Kit

Winter Kit

This site is aimed at the beginner and novice hill walker, and thus there is little specific advice about walking in winter conditions. However, it is recognised that a summer walker may want to progress to snow covered mountains, therefore a small amount of information on winter kit is provided as advice that specific kit is required before venturing out in winter conditions.
  • Crampons


    In snow & icy conditions crampons will stop you slipping

    Image opposite courtesy of Martin Free

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  • Ice Axe

    Ice Axe 

    An ice axe can aid balance when walking but is mainly there to arrest a fall.

    Image opposite courtesy of Dawn Fotheringham.

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  • Goggles


    Goggles keep snow and hail from your eyes, your face warm, and can help you off the hill more safely as you can see where you're going

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  • Snow Shoes

    Snow Shoes 

    Progress across snow can be slow. Speed it up with a pair of snow shoes

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