Water Carrier

Water Carrier

You need to drink throughout the day, so you need to carry water

Water Carrier 

Water Carriers

When you’re out in the hills you need to constantly re-hydrate yourself to replace what you lose through sweat as well as that required for the mbody to keep working.  De-hydration by only 5% can lead to having less concentration, which is not a good ingredient for making good decisions on the hill.  In addition, dehydration is a factor that can contribute to the onset of hypothermia.

A water carrier doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.  It could be a re-used 'bottled water' bottle, or a top of the range ‘hydration system’, but the main thing is that you have sufficient water.


Hydration Systems

A posh way of describing a water carrier that has an inbuilt straw, thus allowing you to drink as you go when the straw is fed through to the outside of yur rucksack.  In hot weather these are ideal, but they do cost more and need to be cleaned regularly so that bacteria doesn’t build up inside the straw.  Most straws are operated by a ‘bite valve’, only working when you bite and suck on the mouthpiece at the same time. 

When the temperature drops to around zero degrees Cescius, the water contained within straws and mouthpieces of hydration systems is susceptible to freezing. A means to minimize this is to blow back excess water from the straw into hydration bladder or bottle. However, be aware that you can forget to do this, meaning that water can become inaccessible. Therefore, a safer option in freezing conditions may be to take a strawless bottle or canister.


Canisters or bottles

Essentially, anything else that doesn’t have a straw. Many of these type of bottles have screw tops, which are great for ensuring that your precious water doesn’t leak away unexpectedly. You need to be careful of some sports type bottles that have an easy access opening on top of a screw top; just ensure that the easy access top won’t open when you don’t want it to.

A further sub-division is these canisters is whether the opening is narrow or wide mouth. Wide mouth bottles are particularly useful for a number of purposes, including; collecting water from a stream, or using to mix energy drinks, either as part of a meal or in times of potential emergency.