Walking Poles

Walking Poles

Love 'em or hate 'em, walking poles do have their uses

Walking Poles 

Walking Poles

Walking poles are like marmite; you either love 'em or hate 'em. But there is no doubt that they do have their uses. The main reason for using walking poles is that they are supposed to distribute the weight away from just your legs, which can only be a good thing for people with bad knees etc.

Why Use Walking Poles

How to Use Walking Poles

Other Uses

In Snow

Walking in snow can be slow progress and one step forward, half a step back if you're not careful. Add snow baskets to the your poles, and you'll be amazed how much easier it is to walk. It really is like having 4 wheel drive.


First Aid

If you were unable to walk unaided due to injury, a set of poles could be just what's required. Take a read of a couple of stories submitted by followers of this site, and how they take walking poles as part of their first aid kit. Click here.


River Crossing

Careful route planning to take account of bridges should make sure that you don't need to make an unplanned river crossing. However, many walks do require the routine crossing of small streams, and if they become in spate whilst you're out walking, a set of walking poles can make that crossing a little safer. In the Highlands it is more common to have to cross burns, and in such cases a set of poles is invaluable.

There's a video on the river crossing page that shows use of walking poles when crossing a stream.

Fly the Flag

Slightly more tongue in cheek, but you can always stick a flag on the end of a walking pole when you're out in the hills!