Pad & Pencil

Pad & Pencil

Waterproof pad and pencil come in more use than you might think

Pad & Pencil 

Waterproof Pad & Pencil


Not the most obvious piece of kit, but having a waterproof pad and pencil can be a handy addition to your hill gear. In times of poor weather when you have to be on the ball with navigation, having something to write on and with will be of great use. Lots more info on the things that you'd need to write down are in the navigation section of this site.

Aside from navigational notes, if you were in an emergency situation you may need to write down a message to send with someone for help. Or, in a first aid situation you'd need to write down observations about the casualty, such as pulse rate, breathing, capilliary refill rate etc.

On a more obvious level, you could just write down the times that you reached the top of each hill, how long you took for rests etc, which can all feed back into your learnings for future route planning.


Here's an example of using pad & pencil to keep track of key points during the day. Read more about this in the navigation section; feature tick lists.