Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Essentials


Some items of kit are essential to take with you into the hills. You may not use all them, but for your safety, you need to take them.

  • Water Carrier

    Water Carrier 

    You need to drink throughout the day, so you need to carry water

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  • Map


    A map is essential for any trip to the hills

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  • Map Case

    Map Case 

    A map case ensures that your map stays dry and does not blow away

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  • Compass


    A compass can tell you the way to safety if you know how to use it properly

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  • Head Torch

    Head Torch 

    Whatever the time of year, a head torch is something that you must carry in case you end up returning later than expected

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  • Survival Bags

    Survival Bags 

    A survival bag is what you need if you have to sit and wait to be rescued, or are forced by circumstances to stay out overnight

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  • Whistle


    A whistle's purpose on the hill is to summon help by using the international distress signal

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  • Other Emergency Comms Device

    Other Emergency Comms Device 

    Faced with an emergency situation, you need to call for help

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  • Watch


    To keep track of the time and whether you are on schedule, you need a watch

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  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit 

    A first aid kit will allow you to deal with small incidents on the hill

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  • Rucksack


    You'll be carrying waterproofs, food, water and various other bits & bobs. Carry it in a rucksack (not a carrier bag, as one sometimes sees on Snowdon!)

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  • Sunglasses


    Sunglasses protect your eyes all year round

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