A compass can tell you the way to safety if you know how to use it properly



A compass is an essential piece of kit, as is the ability to use it correctly. Used properly a compass can help you navigate through low cloud, confirm that you're on the right path and heading in the right direction, and set off from a summit in the right direction and away from steep ground and danger.

If you're not sure how to use a compass properly, learn from a friend or get yourself on a navigation course.

There are lots of pages on compass techniques on this site, and navigation in general, but practice in the outdoors is what's important.

Using a compass on the hill is a key skill. Make sure you can use one.

Compass Care

Take care when carrying your compass, as exposure to metal objects, or electronic gizmos in particular, can affect the reading given (read more about magnetic interference). Exposure to magnetic forces can lead to reverse polarity, which basically means that your compass will point the opposite way, which is not a risk that you want to expose yourself to. More here...

Carry a Spare

Some people advocate carrying a spare compass, in case you lose or break your main one. The choice is yours. 



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