Clothing Layers

Clothing Layers

The layering approach explained, so that you can stay warm and dry throughout the day

The Layering System

Wearing a number of thin layers of clothing for your day on the hill is better than one thick one.  The reason for this is that your temperature will fluctuate during the day, and you can add and take away layers as you need to.  For example, standing at the side of the car waiting for others on a cold winters’ morning will need a few layers to keep warm.  But after you’ve been walking for a few minutes you’ll warm up, and a layer – maybe a fleece - can come off.  When you climb a steep slope you may warm up further, but when stopping for lunch you’ll cool down and need to put layers back on.

The layers are broken down into:

Your heat can be controlled to an extent by venting jacket zips and adding/removing hat & gloves.

The following two videos explain the layering system well.


Go Outdoors have produced a great video that explains the layering syste.


...and a similar one from Cotswold Outdoor