A good pair of boots keeps your feet dry and stops ankles from twisting



Boots are synonymous with the hills and walking, and with good reason. If your feet are uncomfortable the chances are that could ruin your day, and potentially slowing you down to an extent that safety could be compromised.


Here are a few considerations for the type of boot required.

  • Type of activity to be undertaken, which determines how stiff the sole should be and the type of sole
  • Level of support required at ankle
  • The climate, i.e. temperature and likelihood of becoming wet 
  • Whether you need a leather or fabric boot
  • How well the boots fit
  • Whether you will need to wear crampons with the boots

Boot Care

Different manufacturers will give their own set of advice for caring for boots, but here are a few universal items:
  • keep boots clean
  • if made of shiny leather, policy them to keep the leather moist
  • apply a waterproofing coating regularly where appropriate for the boot. (Some boots don't need to be proofed.)
  • when boots become wet, NEVER put them close to direct heat, as that runs the risk of shrinking the boots. Instead, remove inner soles and stuff with scrunched-up newspaper and leave in a warm room


Help choosing the right boots

Getting your boots to fit