Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Kit Advice

Kit Advice

Some snippets of tips, advice and information relating to kit

  • Keep it Dry

    Keep it Dry 

    Soggy kit is bad news

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  • Clothing Layers

    Clothing Layers 

    The layering approach explained, so that you can stay warm and dry throughout the day

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  • Packing your Rucksack

    Packing your Rucksack 

    A well packed rucksack should mean that you don't lose balance, and your can find things when needed

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  • Kit list

    Kit list 

    Having a kit list will save time and keep you safe

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  • Waterproof Care

    Waterproof Care 

    Washing & re-proofing your waterproof can increase its performance after time

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  • Knives for 'Hiking Purposes'

    Knives for 'Hiking Purposes' 

    Legality of carrying a knife for 'Hiking Purposes' in the UK

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