Mountain & Hill Walking Safety Hazards


This section deals with a few specific hazardous situations that you may encounter when out in the hills

  • Bogs


    Bogs take extra time to negotiate & do present a danger

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  • Steep Ground

    Steep Ground 

    Recognise that a slope is becoming too steep and find an alternative route

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  • Scree Slopes

    Scree Slopes 

    Scree slopes are best avoided as they pose danger to you and and further damage to the environment

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  • Winter Conditions

    Winter Conditions 
    Recognition of likely winter conditions can lead to you to plan a more appropriate route.

    See main Advice & Info section of this site.

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  • River Crossing

    River Crossing 

    Advice on how to cross a river or stream safely

    Image courtesy of Alan Halewood

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  • Mountain Ridges

    Mountain Ridges 

    Mountain ridges pose a number of dangers for the hill walker

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  • Avalanches


    One of nature's most destructive forces. You need avalanche awareness if out in the snow.

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  • Cornices


    Cornices are accumulations of unstable snow and are a danger to walkers

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