Mountain & Hill Walking Safety First Aid

First Aid

This section gives advice on first aid and its application in an outdoor environment.  Inclusion of this section does not replace the more detailed explanations provided by other more qualified sites, nor does it negate the need for you to be trained in first aid. Please read in conjunction with terms of use

  • Principles of First Aid

    Principles of First Aid 

    The basic principles of first aid and the DR-ABC Check

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  • Danger


    Before you go wading in to give first aid, consider your own safety

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  • Primary Survey

    Primary Survey 

    Primary Survey - is the casualty conscious & breathing
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  • Secondary Survey

    Secondary Survey 

    The secondary survey is carried out to check for visible and non-visible injuries

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  • Bleeding


    How to control and deal with bleeding

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  • Shock


    Shock is a severe medical situation that could kill

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  • Fractures (broken bones)

    Fractures (broken bones) 

    Fractures will probably mean calling for help and evacuation of the casualty

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  • Choking


    What to do if someone with you is choking

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