Emergency Communication

Emergency Communication

If you need to call for help, how exactly do you do it?  This section looks at the various communication methods available. Take the appropriate kit for your route.

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  • Summary of Comms Methods

    Summary of Comms Methods 

    There are a number of communications methods available, and this section explores them all

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  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone 

    Dialling 999 from your mobile is the first and foremost emergency communication method that you should use

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  • Emergency SMS

    Emergency SMS 

    Emergency SMS could be the means to call for help

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  • Personal Locator Beacons

    Personal Locator Beacons 

    If you're out of mobile phone coverage, a PLB would save your skin

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  • Satellite Messengers

    Satellite Messengers 
    Satellite messengers work in places that your mobile phone won't, and can be used to track your progress in real-time and update a website. Messengers can also be used to call for help.

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  • PLBs v Satellite Messengers

    PLBs v Satellite Messengers 

    PLBs and Satellite Messengers do similar jobs, so which is best?

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  • Satellite Phone

    Satellite Phone 

    Satellite phones work in places that mobile phones have no chance of receiving a signal

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  • Whistle or Torch

    Whistle or Torch 

    A whistle and torch are essential pieces of kit that you should always carry

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  • Distress Flares

    Distress Flares 

    Distress flares are mainly for use at sea, but they do have uses in the mountains too, though limited

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  • Distress Strobe

    Distress Strobe 

    Distress strobe lights are of limited use for the average hill walker

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  • Sending for Help On Foot

    Sending for Help On Foot 

    You may have no other option than to send someone for help

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  • VHF Radio

    VHF Radio 

    Using a VHF marine radio to call for help in a costal area is a possibility

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