Calling for Help

Calling for Help

In what situation would you call for help? If you need to, do it sooner rather than later.

With thanks to Kinloss ARCC & HM Coastguard for validation of, and additions to content of this section

  • When to Call for Help

    When to Call for Help 

    Early recognition of the seriousness of a situation can lead to early help and rescue

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  • How to Call for Mountain Rescue

    How to Call for Mountain Rescue 

    Having decided that help is needed, how do you make contact with 'mountain rescue'?

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  • Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs)

    Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs) 

    Mountain Rescue Teams could save your life, but you make contact with police

    Image courtesy of Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue

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  • Working with Helicopters

    Working with Helicopters 
    If evacuation by helicopter is required, there are some safety procedures that you need to follow.

    Picture of RAF Sea King on top of Ben Nevis - courtesy of Chris Bradshaw

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