Cheshire SAR Find One Of Their Own

Cheshire SAR Find One Of Their Own

Cheshire Search & Rescue Team were involved in a search for one of their own team, who'd become ill
Cheshire SAR Find One Of Their Own 

Cheshire Search & Rescue Team Find one of their own

This is a story of a Lowland Search & Rescue Team who used smartphone technology to locate a member of their own team, who'd become ill.

One of our members was on her way home from work and was taken ill due to her Epilepsy, she started to become confused and ended up approx 1 mile away from her home and safety. When she realised things were wrong she made contact with friends, in the other end of the country, to tell them of the situation.

A phone call from the friend in Berkshire raised the alarm to Joanne & Malcolm, two senior members of Cheshire SAR & also good friends of the ill member.

She'd tried to call the other Team members but her calls failed to get through due to the limited signal at the training venue - it just happened to be the Team's training night and all Team members were training - Malcolm had left early.

Malcolm and Joanne quickly responded by tracing the routes from home to the ill member's work location, with no luck.

Still on the phone to her friend in Berkshire, she saw a faded sign post, which reminded her that she had Instamapper on her phone. A panic stricken phone call followed to Dave asking him to activate MRMap at home and start tracing her movements.

This soon did the trick as Dave managed to guide Malcolm, in his vehicle, to the exact location - by following Malcolm's location via Instamapper on MRMap and guiding him turn by turn, via mobile phone call, to arrive at the location of the ill member.

She was located around 9.40pm and despite being cold and upset, she made a full recovery. When speaking to her, she said, "I'd left work around 7pm not feeling myself but I couldn't put my finger on what was up. Very soon into the walk home I realised that I was experiencing focal seizures and unable to concentrate, which affected my memory in respect of where I needed to go. I did everything I teach not to do when your lost, but the logic just wasn't there. The paths/tracks were dark and I had to keep moving, even when friends told me to stop. I can't think of a single moment where I've been that scared, disorientated and not being logic and methodical. I don't know where I'd walked during the evening but without Daryl and Matt (my friends in Berkshire), Jo & Malc and Dave; well I just don't know what could/would have happened."

Well, I for one know that the Team were about to get a call for a search, it never helps when it's one of your own.

Thankfully despite being cold, wet & groggy from her worsening condition, the fact that Instamapper was on her phone & the chance sighting of the sign which triggered her memory that Instamapper was on there.

The way in which Instamapper allows interogation of GPS locations sent to it's servers from third party applications and the way in which MRMap seamlessly does this interogation of the Instamapper servers allowed the successful find of our ill team member. Now, if all missing persons could have this functionality, it would allow SAR teams to find them so much quicker!

So Cheshire Search & Rescue Team would like to thank Instamapper for a great app and allowing the things it does to be done! Our thanks to the developers of MRMap for the continuing improvements you make every day & for the great way you have intergrated Instamapper data into the latest release.

In the SAR community normally use Instamapper & MRMap to track the locations of SAR Team members whilst on an incident, which allows GPS tracks to be laid of a search area & when the casualty is found, searchers can then give a precise grid location from the transmitted GPS Data & OS Maps within MRMap.

This was a different scenario because we could track the casualty & also the responding member so that a quick recovery was made.

*Since this incident, we are sad to report that Instamapper is no longer available. The team now use ViewRanger and activate the Buddy Beacon facility.*

Joanne McClure
Team Leader
Cheshire Search & Rescue