Broken Ankle & no mobile signal

Broken Ankle & no mobile signal

21/12/13 Broken ankle on Lakeland Fell & no mobile phone signal leads to overnight on hill & long wait for rescue
Broken Ankle & no mobile signal 

Broken Ankle & No Mobile Signal

Broken ankle on Ullswater Fells and no mobile phone signal leads to enforced overnight on hill. 

Link to story on Patterdale MRT's Website

Comment from MountainSafety

This is a classic case of misfortune hitting a walker, sometimes unavoidable, and requiring rescue. The difficulty came when there was no mobile phone signal to contact 999, which led to a decision to spend the night out on the hill.

From the information given it's unclear whether the walkers had a survival bag, but this is a clear situation of when one would be required. The long wait time for rescue must have been uncomfortable and cold, and having a Blizzard Survival Bag and storm shelter would have the night much more bearable. However, having a means to call for help without the need to wait all night would have been an even better solution, and that is where satellite messengers or PLBs come in to the equation. In short, a satellite messenger or PLB will use earth orbiting satellites to send a message to emergency services, so having no mobile signal really is no problem. What's more, the message sent to emergency services will contain your precise location, as the units have in-built GPS receivers, thus taking the 'search' out of 'search and rescue'. 

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